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Yogi Publication Society Authors

Alexander Verner
A.P. Mukerji
A.P. Sinnett
Arthur Edward Waite
Charles Godfrey Leland
Dr. Henry B. Pullen-Burry
Edouard Schure
Edward Carpenter
Edward Walker
Elias Gewurz
Frater Achad
Heeral Dhole
Henry Lee Stoddard
Henry Thomas Hamblin
Hermes Mercurius
Jacob Behmen
Jane Aikman Welch
J. F. C. Fuller
Mary Ann Atwood
Mabel Collins
Paschal Beverly Randolph
Roderick Thurber
Salomon Trismosin
Swami Bhakta Vishita
Swami Brahma
Swami Panchadasi
Theron Q. Dumont
Three Initiates
William Walker Atkinson
Yogi Ramacharaka


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